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            BRAND STORY
            Brand story
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            1988年,Wisuit博士发现了泰国红树林丰富的生态环境中的菌群,它位于热带、亚热带海岸潮间带,包括动植物和微生物的复杂而独特的红树林生态系统具有很强的净化和降低海水富氧的作用,因此具有“地球之肺”的美誉;1992年,欧美科研团队从红树林土壤样本的中分离纯化出微生物菌株,经多级发酵、实现了工业化培养及提纯,同时进行完善的应用性研究,确保产品的安全性、稳定性和有效性; 2002年,SII超级生物复合活性酶技术在正式应用于生产保健食品、营养食品和食品添加剂中; 2012年,SII技术登录中国,填充了国内超级生物复合活性酶技术的空白。

            In 1988, Dr. Wisuit Discovered the flora in mangroves i ecological environment in Thailand, which is located in tropical and subtropical coast intertidal zone. Mangrove ecosystem, including plants and animals , microbes, has a strong ablity to cleanse and reduce oxygen enrichment water, therefore it has the reputation of the " lungs of the earth". In 1992, The scientific research team from European separated and purified microbial strains from mangrove soil samples. After multistage fermentation, they implement cultivation and refinement in industrialization. Moreover, they carry on to impeccable applied research to ensure product safety, stability and effectiveness. In 2002, SII super biological compound active enzyme technology is used in the production of health food ,nutrition food and food additives. In 2012, SII technology Logined to China and filled the blank of domestic super biological compound active enzyme technology.

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